Sometimes You Just Have To Ask…

Danni Steffanetti 2021

For more than 45 years the Valley Cultural Foundation has been providing free concerts and programs for you, your family, and friends to enjoy completely free of charge.

Like many nonprofit organizations, VCF continued to provide you with alternative programing during the pandemic while also supporting other organization. In fact, the Arts Industry in general really stepped up in a big way providing entertainment as well as revenue sources to other organization in order to help raise money benefiting necessary resources to those in need during the thick of the pandemic.

We came back this season with a bang and loved every minute of it! Now, after a fun and long summer full of concerts and free programing, I come to you to let you know that we need your help and support throughout the rest of the year.  This can be done in so many ways but listed below or some easy options everyone can do from the comfort of their home. If you like the organization and what we do for the community during the summer as well as year-round, we ask for your help in any one of the ways presented.

  1. Donate Now – We always accept donations 24/7 online at our website and need them now more than ever.
  2. Share a lead – Do you know someone, a company, or an organization, that is interesting in supporting? Direct them to either myself or another VCF representative for more information on future partnerships.
  3. Get involved – when we share information to you through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or our newsletter, share them with your friends and spread the word or volunteer.
  4. Become a Board Member – VCF is always looking for new board members to continue our good work in the community, create fun and interesting new programs, and network with the community.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Nora Ross