Our new podcast Arts On The Move is launching on March 4th!

Arts on the Move Podcast square image

Valley Cultural Foundation is launching a new podcast, Arts on the Move, hosted by Calipso on March 4, 2021!

On this podcast, we will discuss industry tips and tricks with professionals and focus on giving talented unsigned Emerging Artists a platform to have their voices heard. It is also geared to the multi-generational/demographic audience that wants to support the arts of tomorrow.

Each episode will feature an established professional who will share how they made it in the business, along with their current and recent projects. Episodes will also include interviews and performances by Emerging Artists and other talented creators.

Upcoming podcasts will include the voices behind Sonic the Hedgehog, now appearing on YouTube from Sasso Studios. We are so excited to tap into a new medium that complements the existing programs that Valley Cultural Foundation produces by providing another way to share talented inpiduals with the world, especially our unsigned Emerging Artists.

With over 45 years of experience, the Valley Cultural Foundation embraces persity of talent, community, business, and education by providing live entertainment programs and events in the arts. The programs will be broadcast live streamed on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month followed by audio/video on all podcast platforms, our website, Valley Cultural Foundation’s YouTube Channel, and other partnering channels, such as Sasso Studios.

For more information about the Valley Cultural Foundation and our programs, visit us at www.valleycultural.org or call (818)704-1358.