Music on the Move Virtual 5K Run Is Back

Music on the Move Virtual 5K Run event card image

Valley Cultural Foundation invites you to support “Music on the Move” a Virtual 5K Run to be held throughout the month of November (November 1st through November 30th)

This fundraising campaign is designed by the Valley Cultural Foundation to support the Arts and Music programs in the San Fernando Valley.  Your support of this event “Music on the Move” a Virtual 5K Run is a way to show your appreciation for the Arts and culture in your local communities.

Proceeds from this event will support our mission and free programs.  More than a fundraiser, this is an opportunity to join together, although virtually, in support of the Arts communities that call the San Fernando Valley Home, with the hope of being able to continue this tradition in person next year.

While we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Arts has been one of the hardest hit areas to have a reduction in support and donations, while at the same time still providing a tremendous amount of support to the public. The Arts and Music industry came together to provide new and alternative forms of entertainment during these unprecedented times. Now it is the community’s turn to help these talented groups that have been greatly affected by supporting the funding of future programing.

By supporting the Valley Cultural Foundation, you are allowing us to provide invaluable opportunities for both the community to enjoy and for talented artists to perform and share their craft with a board audience. Valley Cultural Foundation also prides itself for this free Children’s Programs and Youth Initiative, providing scholarships to school Art programs and allowing the Arts to be introduced at an early age. Art is a powerful medium that inspires and moves everyone regardless of any societal attributes. With that in mind, the Valley Cultural Foundation wants to keep our programs at the forefront by supporting our art grants, emerging artists, and free community programs regardless of the difficult circumstances.

Runner sign up fees are $10 per person and includes a bib and completion certificate.  Prize money to be awarded to overall winners

  1. $150.00 for overall 1st place time
  2. $100.00 for overall 2nd place time
  3. $50.00 for overall 3rd place time.

To learn more about Valley Cultural Foundation please visit our web site at and our “Music on the Move” a Virtual 5K Run webpage and if you have any questions.  Your participation and generosity are a key factor in the success of our programs.  Thank you for your consideration.

VCF is one of the largest 501 (c) (3) charitable non-profit arts outreach organizations in Southern California.  In addition to our arts-related programming, we are actively involved with other non-profit organizations in our common goal of enriching lives and building upon the fabric that bonds a community together.  Our programs include: Concerts, Movies, Children’s Programs, NoHo Summer Nights, Arts on the Move, the Emerging Artists Showcase featuring talented musicians who perform their original work opening for our main acts, and much more.

All of our programs are offered to the community free of charge, for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their means.  These programs bring a great value to the Valley, and we depend on our partnerships with private members, donors, and significant corporate sponsors to make our programs possible.