Joellen Ammann, Director of Valley Cultural, received honor from Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel

Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel, representing Encino and the San Fernando Valley, recently hosted the 3rd Annual Valley Community Leadership Awards Thursday November 9, 2023. This event celebrated the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals and organizations who have made a significant positive impact on the San Fernando Valley.

A highlight of the event was the diverse group of honorees. The recognition went to 11 individuals and organizations from various fields. One such honoree was our own Joellen Ammann, the Executive Director of the Valley Cultural Foundation. Joellen Ammann was recognized for her tireless efforts in organizing and coordinating events that have brought joy and entertainment to families and residents of the West Valley. Her notable contributions include the Warner Park Concert series and other locations, which has provided a platform for local artists and brought the community together through the power of music.

Joellen Ammann, like the other honorees, received a special certificate from the California Legislature. This recognition shows the state’s appreciation for her dedication to creating vibrant cultural events that have enhanced the quality of life in the West Valley.

Joellen’s dedication and selfless efforts in giving back and helping others are truly commendable. She makes a positive and lasting impact on our community, and her work serves as an inspiration to others. We are so very proud to have her be our Executive Director at Valley Cultural Foundation!