Gaspar Insurance Services returns as a Presenting Sponsor

Gaspar Insurance logo

Beginning our 46th season, the Valley Cultural Foundation (VCF) has cause for celebration — Gaspar Insurance Services will be returning for a fourth year as a Presenting Sponsor.

Tim Gaspar, CEO of Gaspar Insurance Services, has been attending the concerts for years as a guest and has always felt that it was a great asset to the valley. He connected with the organization in 2017 and immediately saws the benefits of being involved with VCF and for what we do in the community.

While a student in the LAUSD, Tim recalls his days in music and art classes and with those classes going away and feels that VCF gives an opportunity to bring and keep arts in the community. Each week during the summer months, VCF exposes individuals of all ages to great music while providing up-and-coming artists a chance to showcase their talents through the Emerging Artists Series. According to Tim, “I think arts in general make a community a better place to live and work.”

During this pandemic year Gaspar Insurance Services supported VCF as a sponsor for our Drive-Up Movies series, 45th Anniversary Concert Celebration, and Concerts on the Couch featuring our Emerging Artists. Not knowing what 2021 will bring, both Tim and the Valley Cultural Foundation have positive thoughts that we will be returning with our live concerts for the 2021 season. In the meantime, Gaspar Insurance will be sponsoring our upcoming “Rock the Valley” Battle of the Bands which begins on January 19, and our Arts on the Move Podcast premiering in February.

As VCF’s Chairman of the Board Joe Andrews stated after learning of the news, “We are pleased to partner with such a community-minded company such as Gaspar Insurances Services in an effort to ensure the organization continues to survive for many years to come. Gaspar’s significant contribution helps VCF in a variety of ways which include production costs such as talent acquisition, sound reproduction, equipment rentals, insurance, seasonal staff, marketing and many other costs associated with producing programs for the organization.”

Gaspar Insurance Services is a Woodland Hills-based company that is committed to the community in which their team’s employees live and work. Each year, Gaspar Insurance commits time, resources, and financial support to nonprofit organizations that support the arts, serve youth, and enhance public safety.  Learn more about their efforts here.