Four Winners Declared for Rock the Valley!

Rock the Valley 2021 album cover

This online competition was one for the books! It all began last November when registration opened internationally. Each band was required to submit an original song which would be used for the first round of competition. The videos were then complied into a video and friends and family would be able to vote for their favorite artists. Due to COVID, no in person performances were allowed therefor keeping the voting online was the best choice. Performers with the most votes moved on to the following round. Our website was packed full of eager voters rooting for their favorite artists.

We started the preliminary round with 13 bands or artists in January and voting was open for five days.  Eight (8) bands moved onto the semifinals, which was held in February. From then on, the top four (4) bands moved forward and performed for the finals on March 2nd.  Each round of voting became shorter and shorter as the competition narrowed. Unfortunately, we had technical issues with the voting app during the last round so a fair and honest winner could not be determined. So, in the spirit of the competition, the four finalists were all considered the winners and shared the entire pot of prize money equally divided amongst them.

The final four included:

The Overtime Project from Kolkata India a fresh Rock N’ Roll band.  Their music consisted of retro rock covers of the bygone era and some fresh originals with that vintage twist.

Referred to as “the perfect blend between Sinatra and Motown,” Terrell Edwards is a crooning sensation.  His style is that organic blend the becomes the soundtrack to the moments of your life and evoke the fondest of memories.

Emily Coupe is an Australian pop/folk artist with a soul twist. Her songs come from the story of her life and resonate with the listener.

Plastic Culture is a DIY unsigned dynamic duo based out of Orange County, California.  They have made it their mission to bring back the heart and soul into rock n’ roll. Their unique method of blending multiple genres of music such as rock, soul, reggae, hard rock, metal, and funk music will definitely get your feet moving, head banging, and hips grooving.

In case you missed the performances you can check out the Youtube videos or purchase the Rock the Valley – Battle of the Bands Album on VCF’s website.