Why you should attend our events!

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Founded in 1975 to assist the Los Angeles City Department of Recreation & Parks in bringing arts and culture to the San Fernando Valley, Valley Cultural Foundation has been at the forefront of culture, arts, and arts education for almost 50 years. Valley Cultural Foundation’s staff and board are proud of our 501(c)(3) organization’s impact on the community all these years. We embrace diversity of talent, community, business, and education by providing live entertainment programs and events in the arts. But how do arts and entertainment impact the community?

The live entertainment that you see at the park is what is known as “receptive music therapy.” This therapy benefits the public, as music is scientifically proven to promote relaxation, facilitate memory, AND enhance mood/reduce anxiety (Parkinson, 2020). Valley Cultural Foundation is a big advocate for music and, thus, an even more prominent advocate for people’s mental and physical well-being. Now that you know the method behind our madness, visit us during our concert season with your pals for a quick pick-me-up!

Written by Sarah Eskow, Project Manager