Airtable shouts out our very own Rhizome Collaborative!


Airtable is a powerful and visual platform that connects data, people, and workflow for many organizations far and wide. The online platform, co-founded by Howie Liu, Andrew Ofstad, Emmett Nicholas, has blown up to be an incredibly useful resources for many companies and organizations across every industry. In fact, according to Airtable’s website, over 300,000 organizations and companies have used it thus far, including Valley Cultural Foundation and our design team.

Recently, Airtable came out with an article detailing this and shouted out our very own deign team, Rhizome Collaborative. Jen Pennington, the creative director and founder of The Rhizome Collaborative, a design studio that produces content for many organizations, went on to explain how Airtable made their work easier and more efficient.

rhizome collaborative logo

Airtable’s accessible and creative models have allowed Pennington’s team to enhance the presence of the non-profits she works with, in turn, creating a unique brand.  “Pennington’s team used Airtable to build out an in-depth brand guide, adding attachment fields for downloadable assets, longer text fields to provide instructions on how to use the asset, and even a table denoting the brand’s exact color palette.”

Jen and her team have taken their experience with Airtable and applied it to Valley Cultural Foundation’s online presence. Many of our online programs, such as our Battle of the Bands, feature Airtable’s easy and efficient programs and designs to stay organized and manage artist information and voting.

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