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Emerging Artist Showcase Application-Warner Park

Requirements for participation

Continue with the application process if you are willing to agree with ALL of the following requirements:

Warner Park Requirements

  1. The showcase series is open to music of all genres and styles. However, great emphasis will be given to those bands closely resembling our headline acts.
  2. Bands must provide their own backline equipment*
  3. Be willing to perform for 45-minutes from 5:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.
  4. Artists performance must consist of at least 90% original work. Artists may play no more than two cover songs during the set.
  5. Must provide a high-resolution photo for print and web
  6. Must provide a one paragraph bio for print and web
  7. Must be willing to promote their event, including VCF’s headline performer via your social media and website by providing appropriate links
  8. Minimize speaking during your performance. You are there to perform your work
  9. May NOT use vocal or instrument backtracking. Your performance must be 100% live.
  10. No foul and/or inappropriate language in your lyrics or suggestive body language while on stage
  11. Leave your egos at home
  12. Don’t be late for line check or your performance. Be ready to perform when called to the stage.

*It may be possible to share some or all backline equipment with the headline act. VCF’s sound engineer will contact you at least two weeks in advance to confirm. Plan on bringing your backline equipment. **Also consider our North Hollywood venue for a chance to open a concert at NoHo Summer Nights!

What Valley Cultural Provides

  1. A world-class sound system both stage and house, including crew and qualified engineers
  2. A travel stipend ($TBD), payable upon completion of your set
  3. A 10’X10’ canopy and space for merchandise sales and general promotion of your band. This includes, table, chairs and basic electricity, if needed.
  4. Free parking for ONLY you and your band members. Parking is typically directly behind the stage. However, you may be required to use the adjacent parking structure.
  5. A quick line check per instrument and vocal microphones. We will not have time to do a complete sound check.
  6. Further rules will be provided to the band’s lead contact person. It is this person’s responsibility to disseminate the information among band members. Respect and courtesy are two ideals we value greatly.


If you are in agreement with each of the aforementioned items, please continue with the application process. Please be sure to provide the most appropriate contact information. We will not reach out to multiple parties throughout the selection process.

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