Concerts on the Couch: Honey River, Tina Mathieu, and Mike Hill

Concerts on the Couch 7

Proceeds from your donation will be shared with the Emerging Artists seen in this video. Support the arts and these rising talents by donating below.

Valley Cultural Foundation has been supporting Emerging Artists for the last three (3) years, providing them a means to perform in a live, professional, established concert setting where they can promote and refine their talents.

In an effort to continue its Emerging Artist program, and in compliance with the 2020 restrictions for live music due to the COVID-19 pandemic, VCF has created “Concerts on the Couch”. This online series is a way to entertain safely and promote this year’s Emerging Artists.

Valley Cultural Foundation will release one video block per week, featuring songs by three emerging artists, and will continue to release a new video each week throughout the summer.

We do have a $5 minimum, but please consider donating anything you wish. Help us keep the music alive and reach our goal! We thank you for your support.

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The Giving Season is every Season for a non-profit!

Valley Cultural Foundation needs your help. Our mission is to provide diverse programs and events in the arts that bring together talent, community and business throughout the San Fernando Valley. Please consider donating to us and supporting some of the best talent around!

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