Kenny Cetera Chicago tribute photo 2Kenny Cetera’s Chicago Experience will take you back to a time that made you look forward to living your life to its fullest with inspirational songs that will make you smile and feel stronger every day. In 1984, Kenny added his unmistakable tenor vocals to several songs on the Chicago 17 album, including the chart-topping “You’re the Inspiration”, “Stay The Night”, “Along Comes A Woman”, and “Prima Donna”. He was quickly recruited by the band to hit the road for one of the most memorable tours in their history, adding a vocal element that the band never had live before – two Cetera voices together. Kenny also played drums, percussion, and keyboards on that tour and became a large part of the stage show, a fan-favorite, and permanently engrained in the musical heritage of CHICAGO.



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Robot Nature

Robot Nature photoRobot Nature can be described as an eclectic synthesis of modern electronic, noir pop, and infectious synth rock. With electric violin and haunting lead vocals, Robot Nature will have you hooked.

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