When you take four seasoned musicians, two background singers, add the top-notch music of Elton John and his early sound, you have a hit show.

“Kenny Metcalf as Elton” leaves you feeling like you went back in time!

Just close your eyes and it’s “The Troubadour” 1970! And when you open your eyes “it’s Elton” 1970! Complete with polyester, flared bell pants, platform shoes, glasses, glitter and sequins.

Elton -The Early Years Entertainment’s “Kenny Metcalf as Elton” is a “tribute show” unlike any other… Many tribute bands have his voice of today, but we have captured his sound of youth! That’s magical…. and please… don’t take our word for it… listen for yourself, but be forewarned… you just might forget that it isn’t Elton you are listening to.

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Spectre Jones

Spectre Jones photoSpectre Jones is an indie band based in Los Angeles, CA. With a wide range of influences both contemporary and classic, they’ve established a catalogue of work ranging from intimate indie folk and harmonic dreamscapes. If something sounds familiar, you just might have caught one of their 24+ TV/Film placements with networks such as MTV and VH1.

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