Emerging Artists Showcase

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Concerts featuring up-and-coming musicians

VCF provides up-and-coming artists with venues to play, promote, and refine their talents while cultivating new artists for our programs. Check them out during our regular concert season.

We also promote our emerging artists through:

  • Albums: VCF’s newest venture will produce albums offering a wide variety of platforms to expose emerging artists and provide performers an opportunity to have their music heard on a larger platform.
  • Battle of the Bands: A contest for Emerging Artists to showcase their work for prize money and opportunities in the industry.
  • Concerts on the Couch: Fifteen-minute videos supporting our Emerging Artists released on a weekly basis.
  • Newsfeed: Up-to-date information found on our website feature articles about changes in the music industry along with biographies and other thought-provoking topics.
  • Podcast: Beginning in January 2021, VCF is creating programs to discuss the Arts, introduce Emerging Artists, talk with prominent community leaders, and on occasion major performers will stop by and talk about their work and artistic contributions.
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Become part of our Emerging Artist Showcase Series

Are you a performing artist looking for a venue with an audience of thousands? Then submit your application with us.

2023 Featured Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists Showcase logo in square space
School of Rock Woodland Hills photo 2023
School of Rock – Woodland Hills
The Living Strange Concerts Emerging Artist photo 2023
The Living Strange
Malik "The Freq" Moore Concerts Emerging Artist photo 2023
Malik “The Freq” Moore
Leslie Pereira and the Lazy Heroes Concerts Emerging Artist photo 2023
Leslie Pereira and The Lazy Heroes
2023 Matt Lomeo
Matt Lomeo
Wings of Heaven photo
Wings of Heaven
NoHo 2023 Nia Padilla photo
Nia Padilla
The Rayford Bros. 2023 photo
The Rayford Bros.
2023 Joker's Hand photo
Joker’s Hand
Current Disørder photo
Current Disørder
Kiss the Scientist photo 2023
Kiss the Scientist
The Silver photo cropped
The Silver
EXIT 15 photo
Dance Showcase title and logos NoHo 2023
Dance Showcase

2022 Featured Emerging Artists

Nine Mile Station photo cropped
Nine Mile Station
Serafia photo
The Silver
Balafo photo cropped
BalaFo, Photo by Sadie Baczynska
Sonja Midtune photo square
Sonja Midtune
Black Sage Burn
Tina Mathieu photo 2022
Tina Mathieu
Heart of Blonde cropped photo
Heart of Blonde – Blondie Tribute
Cliff Beach photo cropped
Cliff Beach
Resonance 9
George Sarah photo
George Sarah
Kurman photo
The Eric Ekstrand Ensemble photo cropped
The Eric Ekstrand Ensemble
Tyler Alexis photo 2022
Tyler Alexis

2021 Featured Emerging Artists

EA Spectre Jones photo
Spectre Jones
EA Danni Stefanetti photo
Danni Stefanetti
EA Make Believe Friends photo
Make Believe Friends
EA JC Gafford photo
JC Gafford
short header image of robot nature violinist on stage
Robot Nature, Photo by Jay Ross
EA Conga and Co photo
Conga & Co
EA Dree Mon photo
Dree Mon
EA Rob Bonfiglio photo
Rob Bonfiglio