Joanne Littman

Joanne Littman

Favorite restaurant – Rib Ranch BBQ – Topanga and Dumetz   

Favorite Activity – being awesome (it’s a full time job)

Favorite Band – Maroon 5

Who am I? I’m a local resident (valley girl born and raised), mom of 2 incredible humans, mom of the 3 cutest fur babies ever and wife of my biggest supporter and fan Jeff. As a residential real estate agent for just over 6 years now, I get the pleasure to love and support both buyers and sellers navigate through the process with ease. 

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, my husband also owns and operates his own business. I love to love!  Life is always challenging so finding little things to smile makes my day! Real estate was not the career choice I had in mind, but I did know one day I would own my own business!  Real Estate found me and I’m thrilled, it provides me the time to still be a wife and a mom, it allows me to have what I call a life by design…long weekends where we’re usually off to Havasu in the summer, It allows me to volunteer more and be a part of my community still all while running my business!

There are certainly many agents to choose from…There is no magic fairy dust out there when buying or selling (or is there)…but when you have an agent that has a passion to WIN (insert fairy dust here) guess what the end result usually means WE WON! 

Making your dream home a reality- it’s my thing!